We create positive change in communities by knitting new forms of public space

Urban Knit is a design-driven architecture and urban design studio based in Tokyo and New York. We have a simple but powerful mission, to help make inner-city better by knitting new forms of public space into the existing streetscape.  We believe public space can enable positive change in communities through the creation of regenerative living infrastructure and public spaces. We work to integrate natural cycles and systems into environments across all scales, from the public art installation and urban pocket-park to the regional ecological plan. We do this through diverse forms of architecture and urban design – built ideas, planning frameworks, research, books, and installations – with the ultimate goal of connecting people to their immediate environment and creating dynamic and adaptive cityscape of the future.


Urban Knitting Memories

Photographs and Videos to Document What Makes City

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What is Urban Knit?

Urban Knit is the architecture and urban design studio based in Tokyo and New York established by Shouta Kanehira, Satoru Tsuruoka, and Nanana Kanmuri. Our team is experienced in architecture, urban design, and art management, and we integrate these skillsets to practice design as interpreters and synthetic thinkers. We lead and work with teams of engineers and architects on complex projects, from small streetscapes with public art installment to large public pedestrian infrastructure, translating technical expertise into legible visual and engaging public space.

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